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Steel wire spheroidizing annealing furnace

The Steel wire spheroidizing annealing furnace is suitable for the production of high-quality special products by hardware products and special steel enterprises. The carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel and bearing steel after spheroidizing annealing achieve the required mechanical properties, physical properties and improve plasticity. Reduce residual stress and improve the homogenization of tissue and composition. The treated product has no oxidative decarburization, uniform spheroidized struc

Continuous shell baking furnace

The continuous roasting continuous casting mainly used for casting water glass and silica sol shells is suitable for small and medium-sized mold shells with large output. Technically, the thermal insulation performance and control precision of the original national standard are significantly improved, and the original single national standard size is changed to a custom size. In order to adapt to the use of heating methods in various areas of the region, there are more choices: electric heating,

Chamber heating furnace, electrically heated

The chamber heating furnace, electrically heated is mainly used for the heating of aviation forgings of low-temperature alloys and high-temperature hot alloys.

Bogie hearth tempering furnace

The bogie hearth tempering furnace is mainly used for tempering of high-chromium cast steel rolls, welding surface repair after rolling, eliminating welding stress tempering and tempering for other purposes, using microcomputer program process curve automatic temperature control cabinet, automatic high-precision execution of the best back Fire craft curve.

Aluminum alloy quenching furnace

The aluminum alloy quenching furnace is composed of a heating furnace cover and a mobile chassis. The square (or round) furnace roof is equipped with a crane, and the basket can be hung to the furnace through chains and hooks. The furnace cover is supported by a section steel with a pneumatic (or electric) operated furnace door at the bottom. The undercarriage located under the hob can be moved and positioned along the track, and the undercarriage carries a quenching trough and a basket.

Tunnel type enamel sintering furnace

Tunnel type enamel sintering electric furnace energy-saving continuous operation sintering electric furnace, mainly used for enamel industry sintering, enamel decorative board, bathtub, gas stove panel and other large enamel products.

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Defontaine (Qingdao) Machinery Co., Ltd.

Fully automatic aging furnace was supplied with good quality. Defontaine(Qingdao) is satisfied with performance of our automatic aning furnace, supplying strong support for their quality products.


Defontaine Group is a global leader in swing support, special bearing research and development and production, headquartered in France, under the World's Top 500 ThyssenKrupp Group. Defontaine (Qingdao) Machinery Co., Ltd. set up in April 2006 and is a wholly-owned company invested by ThyssenKrupp Group, committed to the production of wind turbines required high-quality precision bearings and swing support bearing.


Chengde Group

Beihai Chengde Nickel Co., Ltd.

Chengde Group is very satisfied with performace of annealing furnace and will purchase more industrial furnaces as they are developing in future.


Beihai Chengde Nickel Co., Ltd. is the first chinese manufacturer from the clay nickel ore smelting to nickel-chromium alloy wide plate cold-rolled finished products full-process coverage of stainless steel enterprises, covering indutrial-grade, food-grade high-end series of stainless steel products in many fields. It ranks TOP 3 in produciton scale in Chinese stainless steel enterprises. Annealing furnace was supplied with reliable quality and performance.

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Jiangsu Jiuding Industrial Furnace Technology Co., Ltd. is a young enterprise with unique ideas on the design and manufacture of industrial furnaces and heat treatment furnaces. The company is located in Huangweiqiao Economic Industrial Park, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province. The company's on-site management is implemented according to 8S standard. The products are coordinated by scientific design, material quality assurance and strict control of manufacturing details. The welding standard, assembly standard, insulation standard, control standard, painting standard and furnace temperature uniform field standard are realized. This is the ongoing process of Jiuding Industrial Furnace. Absolutely to provide customers with each equipment manufacturing intentions, use at ease.

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We will participate in Metal AP2019, 2019.12.12-14 held in BITEC Bangkok,Thailand.

Safety precautions for industrial electric furnaces

1. Check whether the electrical equipment, water cooling system, sensor copper tube, etc. are in good condition before opening the furnace, otherwise it is forbidden to open the furnace. 2. If the furnace melt loss exceeds the regulations, it should be repaired in time. It is strictly forbidden to smelt in the deep melt. 3. There should be someone responsible for power transmission and furnace opening. It is strictly forbidden to touch the sensor and cable after power transmission. The shifter

Well type furnace gas nitriding process operation

Well type furnace gas nitriding process operation.

Structure and characteristics of high temperature well furnace

High temperature well type furnace high temperature well type furnace is a national standard energy-saving cycle operation type resistance furnace with maximum temperature of 1200 °C and working temperature of 1200 °C. It is mainly used for alloy steel, high speed steel, high manganese steel, high chromium steel, shaft and pipe. Metal materials and mechanical parts are subjected to heat treatment such as normalizing, annealing, quenching, etc. in a general atmosphere or simple protection. The h

Hardness detecting method for heat treatment workpiece of well type furnace

There are three types of hardness testing standards for pit furnaces, namely Vickers, Rockwell and Surface Rockwell. According to the same heat treatment method, the hardness test method of the surface quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace and the chemical heat treatment furnace is also different.

Heat treatment furnace overview and characteristics

The heat treatment furnace is a general term for industrial furnaces that perform various metal heat treatments on metal workpieces.

Intelligent vacuum carburizing and quenching technology

1 Technical name: Intelligent vacuum carburizing and quenching technology 2 Technology field and scope of application: enterprises with general requirements for carburizing heat treatment process in the machinery industry 3 Energy consumption and carbon emissions related to the technology In 2012, Chinas total heat treatment production was about 20 million tons, of which carburizing treatment accounted for about 1/8, about 2.5 million tons. The main equipment for carburizing treatment includes w

Jiangsu Jiuding Industrial Furnace Technology Co., Ltd. is a young enterprise with unique ideas on the design and manufacture of industrial furnaces and heat treatment furnaces.


To provide you with equipment design, process design, suitable for your heat treatment equipment purchase plan, according to your requirement.

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